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The marble is a classic material, but can also be used in contemporary spaces, precisely because of its timeless elegance.

It has always been one of the materials thanks to which a home or other spaces become extremely luxurious, elegant and refined.

The great villas and the most prestigious palaces of the past, boasted marble floors, majestic marble and stone staircases, thresholds of decorated and worked entrances and windows, fireplaces and furnishings elements in delicately inlaid marble and chiselled by the best stone craftsmen, and  still today the elegance of marble has its indisputable and timeless charm.

The choice of marble as the element to enrich and make elegant and lasting over time rooms and furnishings can be combined with many elements: floors and walls for interiors or exteriors, thresholds, stairs, counters and kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and shower trays , coatings of fireplaces, furnishing elements and much more.

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