Carrara marble Castel Maggiore

Carrara marble

Classic colors, with veins or multicolored: here are some color variations of our materials. From Bianco Carrara to Absolute Black, many colors are available for the realization of your environments.
Carrara marble in Castel Maggiore has always been considered a great quality marble, used for the most prestigious projects. Among our products we have Bianco Carrara, Rosso Damasco, Verde Guatemala, Arabesco and Statuario.
The marbles are extracted from different marble basins and are subjected to specific tests to verify their resistance. According to your indications, we can supply the marble slabs or already finished in our laboratories for floors or walls.
Marmo di Carrara Castel Maggiore


Granite is an extremely resistant stone. This is the reason why this stone is widely used in construction:

  • private for the creation of floors, kitchen and bathroom tops, stairs and walls
  • public for the decoration of sidewalks, flowerbeds, squares
  • monumental for the creation of statues and fountains for garden decor.

Granite is also used in exterior cladding of buildings, being a material with great resistance over time to the action of any external agent . 


Travertine is one of the oldest and most famous marbles used in Imperial Rome. We propose the classic travertine, straw-colored with veins tending to hazelnut and resin travertine. The transparent resin coating is a process that allows you to appreciate the natural imperfections of the stone, while eliminating all the bad effects caused by the holes in the slabs.
Travertine is usually used for indoor floors or walls, but also for worktops and for showers or fireplaces.


Onyxes are available in many colors and are ideal for bathrooms, staircases and walls with a great aesthetic impact. The onyx is an exceptional stone for its extraordinary veining and for the different shades of colors, such as green, red arabesque, white and honey, used in the construction of floors, kitchen tops and backlit walls.