Castel Maggiore marble craftsmanship


ASP Artistica’s technicians provide an accurate consulting service thanks to which we are able to better understand customer needs and to choose the most suitable material for the project to be carried out.
Thanks to a careful initial analysis and a craftsmanship of marble in Castel Maggiore in fact, it is possible the best use of raw materials and enhancement of each project based on the chromatic and physical characteristics of each stone.
We are able to satisfy any type of request thanks to an efficient production department and the prompt delivery of a wide range of granites, natural stones and marbles, from the most common to the most exclusive ones. 
Lavorazione artigianale marmo Castel Maggiore


The ASP Artistica’s team uses the most modern design techniques.
This allows:

  • to the customer, to see the finished product, even before its creation
  • to the marble workers, a more targeted choice of raw materials to be used
  • to the technicians who will carry out the work, to identify and resolve any critical issues already during the initial phase.

ASP Artistica is an expanding company, as well as in the local market, even in the foreign market. The company’s goal is to satisfy the needs of those customers looking for a company that offers turnkey supply and installation of marble products. 

Lavorazione marmi


Although the company uses the most innovative technologies for cutting and processing marble, no treatment is completely automated. In every phase, and in particular in the finishes, it is necessary the intervention of an expert craftsman.

The entrustment of the work to our specialized installers guarantees compliance with the timing, the creation of unique and long-lasting environments over time thanks to specific protective treatments.