Asp Artistica

Asp Artistica Company has inherited a tradition of more than forty years in the field of marble and hardstone processing. 

Our history

Asp Artistica in Castel Maggiore is today a company that has been greatly innovated both in the field of machinery and in production capacity, able to meet the requests of an increasingly demanding market from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
At our company you can buy not only the best marble but also granite, travertine, onyx and stones for exclusive and long-lasting finished products. Visit the sections devoted to the different materials, ready in stock: marble, quartz and conglomerates, stones, quartzites, onyx.
The wide range of proposals guarantees a final result of absolute aesthetic impact and in line with your desires. 


 The structure and the laboratories of Asp Artistica have recently promptly adapted to the needs of a constantly changing sector and currently satisfy customers who require customized and high-profile craftsmanship regarding furnishings, floorings, artistic decorations and design objects made with marble and first quality stones extracted in the Italian quarries of Carrara and worked by famous masters of Italian craftsmanship tradition.

Taglio del marmo


We are also able to make large-scale projects, important from the point of view of the quantity, with always accurate and guaranteed series production. 
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Asp Artistica is ready to create a unique and inimitable product; we carry out installation and expert advices on all phases of the project, from design to turnkey delivery.