Our Services

Technical consultancy

marble kitchen
marble table

Our technicians provide accurate advice in order to interpret our customers' needs and to choose the most suitable material for the requested project.


A careful analysis of the initial conditions allows optimum use of raw materials and increases the value of each project according to the colour characteristics and physical properties of each stone.

Design studio

marble project design

The ASP Artistica team uses the most modern design techniques.

This allows:

  • the customer to see the finished product, even before it is created
  • the marble-workers to make more accurate choices of raw materials
  • the technicians who will take care of realizing the project to identify and resolve any problems at an early stage.


marble craftsmanship

Despite using the most advanced technology for cutting and processing marble, no process is fully automated. In each phase, and in particular in the finishing stage, the work of a skilled craftsman is essential.


Our specialized marble-layers will guarantee the timely completion of your unique designs, created to last thanks to specific protective treatments.

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